How to Beat Candy Crush Jelly Saga Level 1?

Candy Crush Jelly Saga Level 1, is it too hard to clear? For every game, the first level is quite easy. No wonder the same applies for Jelly as well. we know you are looking for some interesting tips to help you win the round as quickly as possible.

Can you finish the level without any assistance? Of course, you can! With this article, we intend to give you a little push you always wished. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the golden nugget given below and start having fun.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga Level 1; Cheats and Tips

Unlike the conventional Candy Crush Saga Level 1, you have to spread jellies rather than destroying them. Once you complete the level, you can earn additional points through sugar crush. For your convenience, we have included the tips under different subheadings.


ObjectiveSpread the Jellies

No. of moves 30

Your goal is to spread jellies everywhere. It is allowed for you to take a maximum of 30 moves; not more. Let’s now move on to the difficulty level now.

Difficulty Level

Candy Crush Jelly Saga Level 1 Clear

As compared to every other level of this game, the first one is easy. However, I would not say it’s as easy as winning the first round of other Candy Crush games. You may taste failure as you go around.

It is true that you are playing a tutorial level, one that helps you get the hang of the game. In case you fail to fill jellies in the third board, you will fail to win the round.

How to Play Candy Crush Jelly Saga Level 1?

First of all, you won’t have to follow any strategy or tips. You just have to go with what you see on the tutorial. We are sure you can win.

You get three stages of candies to spread the jellies. Instead of going random, try to match candies nearest to the jellies you want to spread. By doing so, you can complete the level within the proposed number of levels.

Magic Tips

  • You can use special candies. For that, just match at least four candies. You know they help you complete the level quicker than you think you will.
  • Combine two by two square candies to make jelly fish and clear other squares.
  • By forming T shape, L shape, and vertical/ horizontal matches, you can earn special candies like wrapped candies, colour bombs, and striped candies.
  • You can match the candies on the bottom layer to make room for jellies to spread and complete Level 1 of Candy Crush Jelly Saga.
  • Try to invoke chain reactions. By doing so, you can create more chances for the jellies and within no time, it will spread all over the place.
  • Colour bomb is the best special candy you can ever get which will help you move closer to finishing the level.

Points to Ponder

  • It’s just an introductory level that teaches you how to play the game. So, don’t always look for impressive moves to create special candies.
  • Try to stay with the top and bottom layers of candies. The top will help you spread the jellies whereas the bottom assists you in creating opportunities.
  • Try to play as natural as you can. Align with what is saying in the tutorial.
  • Chain reaction helps you chuck away the regular candies.

You can download Candy Crush Jelly Saga now from Play Store.

Video Tutorial

Do you think you can learn better with a video? Here it goes.


We hope you already cleared Candy Crush Jelly Saga Level 1 without leaning on to this tutorial. As you read earlier, it’s just an introductory level. You can check our other level guides to finish all the rounds at once like a cakewalk.

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