How to Update Candy Crush? {All Games}

You are an avid Candy Crush gamer, aren’t you? It’s impossible for you to even spot the time passing by. I get it! Now, you want to know a way to update Candy Crush. Don’t worry! We have got your back.

In this article, you are going to know two methods to get the latest version of the game. You don’t have to be a tech savvy to pull out the process. Neither do you have to worry about it as well. Just follow every step you are going to read. And, boom! You will have the new version up and running on your Android device.

How to Update Candy Crush in 2019?

As you already read, we have got two methods to help you tackle Candy Crush Soda Saga update or whatever game you’re looking for. Without much ado, let’s delve into the meat of this post.

Candy Crush Update Made Easy {Method 1}

  • First, you have to pick up your phone. Come on! Where else are you going to play your game, right?
  • Now, you have to ensure your phone is connected to a Google account. For that, go to Settings.

How to Update Candy Crush? {All Games} 1

  • You need to follow Accounts>> Google. When you open Accounts, it will become evident whether or not you have a Google account on your phone.

How to Update Candy Crush? {All Games} 2

  • So, what’s the next step to tackle Candy Crush Jelly Update?

update candy crush

  • You should open Play Store.
  • Don’t forget which game you have on your phone. Is it Friends Saga? Just search for your game on the store.

How to Update Candy Crush? {All Games} 3

  • You will get all the games published so far. Choose the one you are crazy about, and have on your phone.
  • Can you spot a green update button there? You are so lucky! Just tap on the button and wait for the update to get finished.

The above mentioned is the common method everyone uses to update any app, let alone this game. So, you should try this first.

You may not see the update button there. Don’t panic. Things go wrong sometimes. It’s our job to fix them. When is the next update for Candy Crush you may ask. Don’t worry! I have got another method for you.

Eliminate Candy Crush Saga Update Problems {Method 2}

  • It’s not an official method. However, we have ensured it doesn’t harm anyone’s phone. So, are you ready? I hope you have the phone in your hand.
  • What you need to do is visiting Of course, you can use the link given here.
  • Before you move on to the next step, it’s paramount for you to know the name of the exact Candy Crush game you have.
  • Now, search for the game installed on your device. In order to update Candy Crush, you have to follow the next step.
  • You will get all the games. Pick the one you need.
  • Scrolling down will unveil all new Candy Crush versions. Pick the one up top.
  • The downloading process should have begun by now. Wait for it to complete.
  • Go on to installing it once the completion of the downloading process. You have got Candy Crush latest update.

What do you think? Have you got the newest version? You bet you got it. For those who fail to see results using the first method, this one is the go-to solution.

Caution:- Make sure you have enabled Unknown Sources from Security in order to gain access to install applications from third-parties.

Video Guide

You can check the following video as a live demonstration on updating any Android application.


Are you still experiencing any issues? Don’t forget to leave your problems in the comment section down below. We will reach out to you with a solution soon. You have now got multiple methods to update Candy Crush game to the newest version. We are sure it will work out for you.

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